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True Image Server 9.1 - Error Reading the File

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I have been trying unsuccessfully to complete a full backup of a folder on my server (Windows Server 2003).
I have up to this point doing full backups of the entire server each week and doing incremental through the week. These were becoming too large (over 1TB) since I add 5GB to the server each day. I archived much of the untouched material and created a folder into which all material being worked goes to. To avoid redundancy, I would like to create a full backup of just that folder and do incremental through the week.
I made a plan to backup that folder each week. Each time it runs, it hits a file and kicks out an error. If you hit ignore, the next file kicks out an error. It errors out each file in the folder till the end, then starts to error on the parent folder, and errors on everything else it is supposed to back up.
At first I had it running over the network, so on my last attempt, I plugged the external hard drive directly into the server and still got the same error.
The file it errors on is never the same and neither is the time it takes to start to error.
I am sure it is a simple fix and look forward to your input.

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Hello Jason,

Thank you for posting and welcome to the Forum.

It is possible the file that is being backed up is in use, we will need to take a look at AcronisInfo report to study Acronis program logs. It would help us if you could let us know the dates of the backup failures.

Looking forward to your reply and if you have additional questions please let me know.

Thank you.