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Uninstall Acronis 9.5 UniversalRestore completely

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Hi Community,

we have an DC which had installed a very old Acronis Verison of UniversalRestore.
I tried to remove old version via Control Panel, but deinstallation stoped working without error message.

Then i tried the following manual removal:

After that. Acronis seems to be deleted, but not complely.
Event logs still says:

Acronis Remote Agent
Acronis Scheduler2 Service

could not be executed because path is not found.

And we have still an active service:
Acronis VSS Provider

Could you please help me to remove all old components?

Thank you

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The easy way is to reinstall Echo, reboot and then uninstall it.

You could also just untick the agent and scheduler in MS Config startup tab or disable them in Services.

Don't use net stop service command from the command prompt to remove the service, as I have found it near impossible to install some Acronis products after doing that.