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2012 vs 2013

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Is 2013 any better for a person who just wants to image his C drive? I had to uninstall 2010 because it gave my computer the Blue Screen of Death. I looked it up in the Dump file. The file that crashes my computer was tdrmp251.sys and I hope that 2012 is safe. I can buy 2012 for half the price as 2013. I'm hoping that 2012 doesn't crash my computer and according to tech support they corrected the problem. Anyone know anything about this?

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You can try ati2013, for free and see if it works on your machine. Acronis doesn't support ati2012 any longer now that a newer version in out and the free trial no longer applies t ati2012. Whether one or the other works on your particular machine is something you would probably have to try to find out -- yes PCs can vary that much given all the different hardware and software combinations. ati2013 is basically ati2012 with some fixes and, undoubtedly a few new bugs, which occurs with any new version of software.

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I would not go for 2012. The underlying software infrastructure has been greatly improved for 2013. It doesn't mean that 2013 is guaranteed to solve your issue, but you will get better support with it.