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Thread needs solution
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There is no accessibility to sight impaired individuals in this program as far as I can tell. I've tried windows narrator and it only sees keystrokes but cant read any text. Am I missing something, or is there a way to hear the text. Btw other sight impaired products don't work either. Roy

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You're right Roy. I'm blind and was disappointed to learn the user interface is virtually inaccessible to screen readers. It seems many software creators are moving towards user interfaces with text embedded on graphic panels or cards. It may look sleek and modern, but most screen readers can't read text that is part of an image.

I do have a little bit of vision left but need to have white print against a black background. So I use the "invert colors" feature of Zoomtext. But most interfaces now like to use two color panels so if I invert the white background the left panel becomes a blinding white. I wish software creators would provide options to modify colors in the main sections of the interface.

Jaws 2018 now includes OCR capabilities. It can scan images for text and then read the text for you. It works to some extent on the Acronis interface, but is awkward to use and still has problems.

Anyway, I hope Acronis reads this and gives some consideration to making future versions accessible to screen readers.

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Charles, welcome to these public User Forums.

I can understand your frustration with regards to accessibility but doubt that this forum topic will reach the right people at Acronis.

If you are able to do so, then use the Feedback tool within your Acronis application, but otherwise, use the Acronis web feedback page which should work with Jaws or NVDA etc.

I support two friends locally who are both totally blind and use laptop computers, one using Jaws, the other using NVDA, though neither uses any Acronis products, but where even some web browsers can be a real challenge.

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Hello Everyone,

I've documented a feature request based on this forum discussion (internal ID for ref TI-158450). We'll track the number of similar requests in this ticket, so that the product team can consider its implementation in the future.