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Acronis 2014 - Einzelne Datei im Back Up finden

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Hi zusammen,

ich möchte einige wenige Videos aus einem Back Up rausholen. Wie kann ich mmir eine Übersicht der im Back Up enthaltenen Dateien anzeigen lassen und diese auf den neuen PC kopieren?


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Christian, welcome to these User Forums.

Acronis 2014 - Find a single file in the back up
Hi everyone,
I want to get a few videos out of a back up. How can I display an overview of the files contained in the Back Up and copy them to the new PC?
Thank you


The easiest method of doing what you ask is to double-click on your Acronis .TIB file in Windows Explorer on a computer with ATI installed - this will allow you to browse the contents of the backup image and use normal Windows Copy & Paste commands to select your video files and copy them to a new location.  You should be able to open individual files in the associated program if you need to check their content by playing some of the video.