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Acronis Backup .tib much smaller than HDD size in Ful Backup

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Hi there,

I have an older version of Acronis TIH and am puzzled at something I am currently seeing.

Conducting a full backup of a hard drive, Acronis can see that the full 104.4GB which is to be backed up, ATIH estimates the backup size at 62.4GB and a completed backup ends up around 70GB.

I have heard that the difference could be related to page and hibernation files, but can't see how this could take the better part of 40GB!

I would love to hear what you think might be causing this issue and if you think it is a concern.

At this stage, and for several weeks/ months, the ATIH backup scheme has been performing without incident.


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Due to compression, (and the page-hibernation files), you an normally expect the final backup size to be about 70% of used space.

If you have lots of video, music or pictures, you can expect the final size to be larger as these type files are already compresses so they will be closer to their current size inside the backup.

On the other hand, if you have lots of doc files, etc, these compress more and the resulting tib file could be condenses more to about 65% of used space.

Anything between 65-75% of used space is normal. I do hope your backup type is as shown in signature link #2 below, the very first illustration (switch to disk mode). This type backup assures that you have all you need should you need to create a replacement disk.

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I know this reply is 4 years overdue, but a big Thanks Grover H!