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Acronis can't see my USB external hard disk

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Hi, I want to create a Bootable rescue media on my USB external Hard disk drive. BUT when I select "Create bootable rescue media" Acronis does not seem to see it there and only gives an ISO image or the D: drive as the two options. The hard disk is connected and has plenty of space on it (several hundred Gigs). I have read the other topics on the same question and they all say to see if you can see the external hard disk "in file/folder backup mode" as opposed to My Computer ?? I can see my external USB hard disk drive in My Computer, but how do I check "file/folder backup mode" ? Cheers. Nizar.

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"ISO" is short for "ISO 9660", which is also sometimes caled the CDFS (Compact Disc File System) by some hardware and software providers. ISO or ISO 9660 is a file system standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (also called IOS for short). The bootable rescue media is (supposed to be) a CD. Trying to burn the optical image file (or "iso") to a hardisk results in the optical disk image being copied but, of course, not burned.

To check for disk visibilty in file/folder mode,go through steps to create a backup. Instead of My Computer, select My Data -- that's file/folder mode. Once selected as the mode, you can then select files and folders (instead of entire partitions/disks) to back up.

Grover's collection of wisdom (see stickies) includes material on making a bootable USB hadisk iirc.