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Acronis image failed

Thread needs solution
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Hallo, I have used google translate to make a text. My english is bad and I can not copy and paste this text but it is an attachment now. Please read the text of the attachment. 

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Hello, I also bought version 2017 after acronis version 2013. I couldn't get used to version 2017, so I went back to version 2013, which I used with pleasure for many years to create and restore an image of my C drive (with 2 partitions). I have now bought a new computer and wanted to use Acronis 2013 again to restore an image. Creating the image went perfectly. The restore procedure followed the usual procedure and it seemed to go well, but nothing appeared to have changed when the computer was restarted. I am puzzled. It is true that with my new computer the layout of the C drive is different. It has 4 partitions (on the attached appendix these are the top 4). When creating the image I had checked all 4 of them (later tried again with the ticking of only "boot C" partition). Does anyone have an idea why it failed?

Anthonie,  welcome to these public User Forums.

I would suspect that the core issue here is that your new computer uses UEFI to boot into Windows and perhaps your old computer used the older Legacy boot method, so if you followed the same procedure as you did for the old computer, this would not work for the new one.

There are other possibilities here but too little information to guess what else has happened?