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Acronis Loader Fatal Error: Boot Drive Partition Not Found - Press <enter> to try to boot your OS...

Thread needs solution
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I just did a completely fresh install of Windows 7 on a HP Laptop (dv6-3243cl).
The install went perfectly.

Then I purchased and downloaded both True Image and disk director
The True Image Build is 6597.

When I attempt to boot from the CD I get the error

Acronis Loader Fatal Error: Boot Drive Partition Not Found - Press to try to boot your OS...

There is an eSATA drive connected to the laptop.

When the eSATA drive is removed, the Acronis loader works just fine.

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Hello David,

Thank you for posting. I will take care of this issue for you.

Most likely it is caused by the Disk Director OS Selector. Please try the following solution from our KB article and if it fails, please contact our Support team with a detailed description of the error message.

If you have additional questions, please let me know.

Thank you.

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I have the same problem. And the same error, besides the fact, that my error is written in german (of course).

I'm trying to boot from CD too, because I want to recover my boot-volume, after experimenting with Virtual PC. I made a backup just before starting that experiment...

Now I thought it would be the easiest to recover the C: volume, instead of deinstalling everything new and searching for all the changes I've made, during that experiment.

I have True Image Home 2011, running on Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. I don't have the Disk Director.

I'm in the lucky position to find out about this now, before emergency occurs.

It would be very nice if you could help me solving my problem, before I get into the situation where I have "real" problems.

BTW: I'm a newbie with TIH.

I felt kind of secure with TIH before this happened now. And it would be really nice if I could feel secure again for the future...

Thanx in advance!

P. S.: Is there a german Forum too??? I fear to don't understand instructions in english...

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Hello Sylvia,

Welcome to our forum and thank you for posting. I will certainly assist you with this issue.

Since you do not have Acronis Disk Director installed this issue is caused by something else, however, there is little information to suggest a solution. We do not have a German forum at the moment, however you can contact our German Support team via chat or e-mail, chat is faster, and I am certain that our Support professionals will be able to resolve the problem and answer your questions.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you.

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'Acronis Loader fatal error: Boot Drive Partition not found. Press "enter" to try to load your OS.'

I get this error from True Image Backup. Not disk director.
I'm running version 11 on Windows 7.
How do I get rid of the error. Even a complete uninstall doesn't help!

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Version V11 or version 2011?

Is this an error that shows up upon a reboot triggered by an action from ATI in Windows, or when you boot the computer on the recovery medium?

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I also have x64 OS and I feel like a beta tester of Acronis home 20011 build 6868 I suggest to all 64bits OS users to download Windows AIK from Microsoft it has a really powerful imaging tool called imagex.exe better than Norton ghost, and Acronis!

You don’t even need to build a bootable WinPE cd for it just use any burn tool to extract the iso from your installation dvd to your hardisk and add the imagex.exe to the iso and burn another dvd with it. Boot form your dvd choose Repeair my computer and then command line. That was it from the command line is something like:


To take backup :

e:\>imagex.exe /compress maximum /capture c: d:\MyBackups\DriveC.wim “ULTIMATE”

Without the /compress will take about 3 minutes to do it with it from 6 minutes and above.

To restore:

e:>imagex.exe /append c: d:\MyBackups\DriveC.wim “ULTIMATE”

it will take 3 minutes to do it.

Points you can always boot from your installation dvd and you don’t need nothing else WAIK is freeware go get it.

PS: Best thinks in life are free and simple, very simple.