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Thread needs solution
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(my english it is rusty... sorry about that)

I need help

my ssd is divided into 4 partitions; one for personal apps, one for general studies, one for academics/college studies and one for homework...all with Windows 10 home

so i would like to backup and/or restore each partition separately

my doubts

. ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE 2009 HOME ... I have this version
.. can I use it on Windows 10 Home?
(when I bought this version I didn't have partitions on the hd)

. otherwise
.. does ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE 2021 backup/restore as I wish?



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André, welcome to these public User Forums.

ATI 2009 was never designed to be used with any versions of Windows beyond XP and Vista SP1, so unless you are intending to use the bootable rescue media version of ATI 2009 to boot your PC and make backups, this version will be prevented from installing on Windows 10 due to being incompatible.

The first version of Acronis that supported being installed on Windows 10 was ATI 2015, so if you have ATI 2021 that version will work fine for your backups.

One word of caution, ATI 2021 also includes Acronis Cyber Protect features that cannot be fully disabled even when set to be turned off permanently, so has more background services and processes than older versions!  It is also the final version that had a perpetual license option before Acronis switched to being subscription license only for the follow-on Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office version that replaced True Image.