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Acronis True Image 2014 Backup Trying to Backup Non-Existent Disk

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I have an Acronis True Image 2014 back up job that runs to completion and everything seems to run fine.  After the back up completes, it attempts to validate, then at the last minute, it announces an error.  When you look at the log, it says it was unable to back up the link T:\.   There is no drive T: on the system.  If I manually inspect the .tis script, there is no reference to a T: anywhere inside that script.     When I inspect the GUI for configuring the script, there is no option to select any T: drive.

What might be causing this script to look for a non-existent drive and back it up?

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Sorry, no idea why your backup task should be looking for a drive that doesn't exist.

I would suggest doing a Repair install of ATI 2014 to ensure there is no corruption of the installed application, registry entries etc, then try using the Operations menu option for your task and taking the 'Clone settings' option, which should create a clean copy of the underlying script file that you can try running to see if it gives any issues.

See the ATI 2014 User Guide: Backup and recovery tab - page where the above option is shown towards the bottom of the page.