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Acronis True Image 2014 recovering missing partitions?

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I seem to have all partitions from 4 to the very last one, but I'm missing the first 3 for some reason (using the "Incremental" backup method). I was wondering if there was any way I could recover my files without having the first three partitions or if they are completely lost. I have switched my backup settings to the "chain" method to avoid future problems, but I'd like to have some of my old files back.

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Lucila, welcome to these User Forums.

Sorry but I am not sure of what you mean when you say you are missing the first 3 partitions?

Do you mean that you are missing Acronis backup image files (.TIB files)?

What Acronis backup files do you have and what types of backup files are these?  Do you have Disks & Partition backup files (needed to be able to recover your Windows OS or full disk drives) or do you have Files & Folders backup files?