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Acronis True Image Home 2010

Thread needs solution
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I have the Acronis True Image Home 2010 Retail software I purchased a while back when I was using Window 7.

The only part of the product I really use is the bootable part of the Product.  I have never installed the product on my Windows computer.  I used the Boot CD to create Images of the Win7 installation so that I can recover from it if there was any problems. 

So I set the BIOS to boot from CD, then place the CD in the PC and it boots up to the Acronis Boot OperatingSystem, This allows me to create a Image of the Hard Disk and save the File (a .tib) file to another Hard Disk.

I have now upgrade to Windows 10.  The Acronis Website states that Acronis True Image Home 2010 is not compatible with Windows 10.  But I cant find out if the incompatibilty is for the Windows installtion version of Aconis True Image 2010 or for the entire product (including the bootable CD). 

I was thinking that that the bootable CD that I have does not install itself in Windows & (or 10 for that metter).  It boots before Windows boots and then creates the image from the contents of the HDD and saves the image on another HDD.  So does it matter what the actual OS that is installed.  It should work for any Windows OS installtion.


If this is the case then, can I use the Bootable CD version of ATI Home 2010 to create the image (.tib file) of a Windows 10 installtion, and then use it to recover the installtion at another date (if needed) - the same way I used it for the Win7 PC.

If anyone coudl provide me the answer to this then that would be great.



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Bhupesh, welcome to these public User Forums.

In principle, your ATI 2010 bootable CD media will continue to work providing your computer system hardware is supported by that version of ATI.

In practise, there are lots of things that ATI 2010 does not support that may be present on more modern computer systems.

One particular important item is in the change from Legacy BIOS / MBR boot to the now default UEFI / GPT boot used on 99% of new computers, and which is not supported by ATI 2010.

This means that drives larger than 2TB are also no supported due to requiring UEFI / GPT, along with no support for newer NVMe / PCIe type drives, exFAT drives, modern Linux file systems such as EXT4 etc.

See KB 3555: File Systems Acronis True Image Home 2010 Supports and KB 5684: EFI-based operating systems support in Acronis products

A great many changes have occurred with computer hardware and software since ATI 2010 was released back in 2009 - 11 years ago, and while the ATI 2010 may continue to work for you on older PC's, it may be approaching time to consider investing in a new version if you will be using a new PC in the near future!

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Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your rsponse.

That was just what the information I was after.  I will check out those new hardware changes - I have al older computer that I upgraded so may be OK for now at least.

But I think I will upgrade anyway just to be sure.  Hopefully the newer version will be backwards compatible - in particular can the new 2020 version of ATI read and restore the 2010 version of the .tib files that I have created?  Or maybe it would be an idea to keep the 2010 version whilst I still have images created with ATI 2010.

Many thanks for you help and apologies for the delay in getting back to you.



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Bhupesh, ATI 2020 can work with your older ATI 2010 .tib files as per the link in my signature to Backup archive compatibility.

You may wish to participate in the beta program for the new ATI 2021 version which has just been launched yesterday.  There is a Beta Forum focussed on this new version that you will get access to once you register to join the beta program.