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Acronis True Image home 2011 Disk full

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My 700 Gb backup disk is now full of nothing but an acronis incremental backup. Is there a way to free up some space? My c drive is a matching 700 Gb drive and is only using 100G b, on a win 7pro 64 bit system.
Is my only option to reformat the backup disk and start over?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Look inside the storage folder at the file names.

If you have only one full and the rest are incremental files, your only choice is to delete starting with the most recent highest numbered files backup toward the full.. This will enable you to keep the full plus the beginning incrementals. The objective is to keep the chain of files continuous and gain some space. If you should mistakenly delete the oldest incrementals, your chain will be broken and only the full will have any restore value.

You can do the deletion from within Windows explorer with TrueImage closed.

After the cleanup, then create a new backup task with different options so the program will do the cleanup and prevent another full disk.

As you need more space for the new, keep deleting the old backup files--again the newest ones of that file so the chain continues to be continuous and unbroken beginning with the full. By deleting the old backup piecemeal, you are able to maintain the backup--still if you have a need until you can get a couple new backups done with the new task. Point the task to an empty storage folder or sub-folder. Do NOT mix new backups and old backups into the same file.