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Acronis True Image Home 2011 Does not Delete Old Backups

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Windows 7 64-bit
Backup target is a normal internal SATA drive.

Backup Scheme
Custom scheme
Create a full version after every 7 incremental versions
"Automatic cleanup" is on
Delete version chains older than 7 days

Image creation mode no check boxes selected
Pre-post commands, none
Backup splitting 8GB
Validation: off
Backup reserve copy: off

etc. (let me know if you need additional configuration info)

Now, today is 05/26/2011. The oldest file in my backup directory for this backup is 05/07/2011 and the disk is almost full.

Why is Acronis True Image Home 2011 failing to delete old backup files as I've configured it to do so?

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Many users have issues with the setting "delete versions chains older than...". You should change it to "store no more than xxx recent version chains". In your case, you would keep only 1 recent version chain.
Then ATI will do the following:
- Backup (first full)
- Backup2 (first incremental)
- Backup3
- Backup 8 (note that you have now 8 backup files, not 7, in case you want to do something weekly...)
- Backup(1) (second full), and then ATI deletes the first full and its 7 incremental versions,
- Backup(1)2 (first incremental on top of Backup(1))
- etc.

So... You need enough space for 2 full backups + 7 incrementals in between