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Acronis Truee Image 2013 - License died with old PC, not able to "move" license to new PC

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I have Acronis True image 2013 1 license, it was old pc, pc died. I tried install and activate on new pc, activatiovation not sucdesful with info, please deactivate the previous one, but when I click I get eeror, that page does not exist, support did not help, the license move is not possible ... how to deactivate license on old pc? Thanks for help. PeTr

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1) Disconnect the PC physically from the Internet.
2) 'Activation from another computer' or 'Offline activation' should be offered. If not, try restarting the program.
3) You will see a long installation key, copy it and you can connect your PC to the Internet
4) Go to and log in to your Acronis account where you have registered the license.
5) Enter the installation key, confirm and you will need to select 'Move activation from another computer' below and then select which PC to transfer the license from. You should generate an activation key.
6) Insert the activation key back into True Image under the installation key and should have been activated correctly.

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Thank you for sharing the results of troubleshooting! Hope all runs smoothly now!