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ATI 2015 recovery wont read USB3 - can it read WD Mycloud?

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I posted earlier about upgrading the HDD on my laptop, and getting a good clean process.
I started to follow the process, and learned that ATI 2015 will not read a USB3 external drive. I tested my DVD bootable drive, and Acronis will not see the USB3 external drive.

I see 2 choices:
- Downgrade to 2014
- Revive my old, retired (did not plan to use it) NAS and do my image backup to the NAS using 2015
- This is not a good long term solution for backups; may work for my upgrade project

I also have a WD MyCloud (which replaced the NAS)
- I do not think the 2015 recovery disk can see the WD MyClodu, either. Is there a way to fix that?
- Will 2014 recovery disk see the WD MyCloud drive?
- Currently, my wife's PC is backed up to the WD MyCloud. If the PC were to fail, recovery would not work

I hope that a downgrade to 2014 will allow the recovery disk to see both the USB3 external drive and the WD MyClod. That seems the best solution.

I will not be happy to have to revive the NAS, which the WD MyCloud was supposed to replace.

Other suggestions???


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You say that ATI 2015 will not read a USB 3.0 external drive, you go on to say that the DVD bootable media will not see the USB 3.0 drive as well. I can understand the DVD bootable media not working but ATI 2015 should not have this issue. Are you certain that you have the latest drivers for USB 3.0 installed on your machine? Are you certain that USB 3.0 is enabled in the bios on your machine?

Beyond that it should be simple enough to attach the MyCloud to your machine and test if it can be seen/accessed. If not while connected to a USB 3.0 port than try connecting it to a USB 2.0 port on the machine if one is available.

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Please let me clarify.
My computer does not support USB 3.0. I only have USB 2.0 ports on my laptop.
The external drive is USB 3.0, which is backward compatible to USB 2.0. When running windows, normally, I can see, read from and write to the USB 3.0 external drive.
When I tested my Acronis bootable media (thank god I tested it!), it booted from the DVD and Acronis menu came up. When in the "recovery" portion of Acronis, I selected "browse" in order to find the backup file to recover from. The USB 3.0 external drive was not there.
There are other posts in the forum where others claim ATI 2015 will NOT recognize USB 3.0 drives, but ATI 2014 will.
Hence my option to downgrade to 2014.

The WD MyCloud is a cloud drive connected to my router. It is not directly connected to the laptop. As far as I know, it is only accessable via the Wi-Fi network.
I can check the documentation to see if it can be directly connected to the laptop.
When booting from the Acronis bootable media, the MyCloud drive did not show up. Is there a way for Acronis to find it when booting from the Acronis bootable media?


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Hi Guys,

I've just come across this thread after finding that other people have posted the same problem on another thread. I've spent a lot of time and effort working with Acronis Support to rectify this issue. I'm keeping this thread updated with the results....