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ATI 2018 "old version cleanup" does not function

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I have ATI 2018 and Windows 10. I have a 2TB external drive dedicated to backups from ATI. I am using a differential scheme, with full backup after 6 differentials. The backup executes daily. I have it set to send notifications. It all works flawlessly for about two weeks in a row before the external drive becomes full and I get failure notifications. I then delete the older files and it resumes flawless operation...until full again. I have tried every setting in the "old version cleanup rules" and cannot get ATI to delete old backup files automatically. This includes setting the number of versions chains or the don't keep versions older than xx days settings.

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Dwight, welcome to these public User Forums.

What are you exact Backup Scheme settings for this backup task, i.e. you have said it will create a new full backup after 6 differential backups, but not said how many chains are being kept or what the sizes of those backup chains are?

Automatic cleanup only works after a new full backup file has been created successfully for the start of the next backup chain.