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ATIH will not load

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I purchased this software a while ago and I have just tried to use it today on my new windows 7 pc, however it simply will not load. I have tried to re-install it and have also tried windows compatibility mode (xp sp3) but this also did not work. I'd like to call Acronis but the telephone support option is grayed-out in my support area.

My PC is brand new, it's running windows 7 ultimate and has all of the latest windows updates installed.

Can someone please help me!!!!


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You have passed the 30-day period during which you can get support from Acronis without paying extra.

It doesn't need to run in compatibility mode on w7-- more likely there is a driver conflict during installation and this at least is something you can check

use msconfig.exe to disable all non-microsoft services and all startup programs and then retry the install. You can return to normal startup after the installation

run the ati2012 cleaner, in case the previous install attempts left anything behind

then run the installer.