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ATTN: Steve... Trouble with dual boot Win7 and Mint after using "Try" mode

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I have a dual boot system with W7 and Linux Mint.

Windows was the first one to be installed then Mint.. initially I had the 7 boot loader and Linux Grub separate from each other. So that Grub was only in charge of Mint and the MBR of 7 handled only 7. I used a program called Easy BCD to choose between the two of them when booting.. Grub was first installed on the same partition as Mint, NOT on the MBR. That method isn't the conventional way to do it. The idea was that if you lost one of the bootloaders the other one would function so you'd still be able to operate one of the OS. That worked fine but recently I had trouble and had to put Grub in charge of both OS's

That too up until I use the "Try" mode of Acronis and try to exit out without saving changes. Once I do that my machine will only boot to W7, I see a short message from the Windows Boot Manager showing both OS's and then it boots ONLY 7. Choosing Mint from that screen does nothing now.

To solve it I have to use a flash drive that has Grub on it and I boot from there, then I re-install Grub to /dev/sda was formerly on /dev/sda3 (where Mint is located) After that on boot up, I get the Grub menu as normal and can choose W7 or Mint from the Grub menu. This will continue to work until I use Acronis and the "Try" mode then it does what I just described.

Why does using the Try mode cause me to lose the ability to see Grub? It's almost like it is overwriting Grub.

I no longer have the EasyBCD program installed and I don't know if I could re-install it now that Grub has taken over the MBR of W7.

Best wishes and thanks to all in advance. Steve I can see why you have Ubuntu on a separate machine lol


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Fred, I would suspect that when you are using Try mode that this needs to modify the Windows Boot Configuration information in order to offer you the option on boot to accept or discard the changes made in Try & Decide mode.

My own 'play' with Try & Decide was enough to convince me that I did not want this type of BCD change being made on my systems, even when using dual-boot just with Windows OS versions. This is much the same reason why I also do not use the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager function or start any ATI Recovery or Clone actions from within Windows, as these too want to modify the BCD to launch an Acronis boot environment.

My Ubuntu computer running only that one OS on a dedicated machine (somewhat ancient hardware) continues to work best for me instead of trying to dual-boot with Windows.

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HI Steve,

That was my thought too, it's somehow changing the BCD and bypassing or overwriting Grub. Only way I know to sort it out is to re-install Grub which as you know only takes seconds...if you aren't first shocked by the sudden Win7 only routine! lol

I thought possibly other than not using the TRY mode there was a way around it, or possibly you had heard of this happening.

No worries but it was worth a try to ask :D

I have an older machine that runs LuBuntu. it doesn't have the horsepower to run Ubuntu, that was an XP machine that is now totally functional and suits my non-tech wife just fine.

Fwiw I think Ubuntu goes a bit scary when it  wants ALL the updates that are there...Mint is a bit more conservative in that regard. But I still like the Ubuntu GUI!

Still love Acronis and backup faithfully every weekend!