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Auto cleanup settings are not saved for disk-based backups

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The automatic cleanup settings are not saved: I set to cleanup everything older than 33 days and after I click save and check settings - they are not set anymore.
Only reproducible for disk-based backups, the directory-based ones work fine.

Could someone please confirm it or give any idea on how I could fix it?

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Show us a screen capture of your backup scheme.

A few settings can be savef to reappear and that is located inside the
options/disk backup options/backup scheme/lower left/save as default
Once you click the save as defaultl, those settings will be saved inside the task you are working on.
Note, your backup scheme must be SELECTED AS A "CUSTOM" SCHEME.

All settings are at task level. When you saved the task, it saved the task with your custom settings.
When you create a another new task, you will need to reset or reconfigure many of the same settings again for the new task.

When you configure your custom "older than 33 days", the clock does not begin ticking on the 33 days until
AFTER all backups are completed that you configured to keep.
So, if you configured your custom scheme to keep 4 full backups, the clocks starts after the 4 is completed.
if you configured your custom scheme to keep 2 fulls plus 10 incrrementals, the clock does not begin ticking until after all backups have first been complelted.
I find that I get better resulsts by choosing the
"store n' numberf of recent backups"

Depending upon the type of backup scheme you wish to create, here is an example of each type. These can be set up for Disk image, or Partiton, or Files-folders backups. These example show how to set up automatic cleanup so the program will do the deletion after it reaches your set goal of how many chains to retain.

Editing an existing task is not recommended. Rarely does an edited task perform to user expectations. It is usually better to start with a new task using a new non-identical task name and point to a new storage sub-folder so each task has it own storage folder/sub-folder. Old task can be stopped or deleted from the task listings.

GH11. Create Custom Full Backup Scheme w/auto cleanup....Store/Keep 4 versions (chains). Use whatever number best fits the individual needs..

GH12. Create Custom Incremental Backup Scheme w/auto cleanup. ...Keep Full plus 6 Inc per chain. Store/Keep 4 chains. Use whatever number best fits your needs.

GH13. Create Custom Differential Backup Scheme w/auto cleanup. ...Keep Full plus 2 Diff per chain. Store/Keep 2 chains. Use whatever number best fits your needs.

GH63. 75086: A discussion on how to configure backup schemes.

GH63. 64640: Hints to help prevent issues with your TIB backup files creation.

GH64. 71342: 2015 How to save a non-scheduled task.

GH25. Understanding differences between Inc and Dif for Safety