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Automatic Restore in PXE

Thread needs solution
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I am using the acronis product in pxe with dnsmaq makes dhcp proxy.
All this little world works perfectly.

But now I would like to automatically start the restore image without clicking in the application.

Currently there is a default pxelinux.cfg menu which launches the menu for all users :


LABEL Acronis True Image 2012
    MENU LABEL ^Acronis True Image 2012
    KERNEL images/acronis2012/DAT3.DAT
    APPEND initrd=images/acronis2012/DAT2.DAT vga=791 ramdisk_size=64000 acpi=off quiet noapic

the idea is in pxelinux.cfg to add a file (mac adress) per pc and start the restoration.
So I would like , and it's possible, to know how to add the path to the image in the initrd settings.

thanks again

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