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Backup errors for System Volume Information\restore{2EA787BE-51B8

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Using 2009 version, I periodically get a back up error and have to choose Ignore to get throuh it. Even tho I enter the exception in the Exception list, I eventually get another similar but different error. I tried a \*.* after the common element but it doesn't seem to be effective. The current error is:

Failed to backup file or folder 'C\System Volume Information\_restore{2EA787BE-51B8-4209-BEA8-22B75ABC54E}\RP2155\A0139949.rbf

They all have the same first part inside the { } but starting with the RP... they differ. Most end in .exe not .rbf.

Does this have anything to do with the auto or manual restore points that get set? How do we keep these from recurring?

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Yes, these are files of restore points. They are not backed up in later versions of True Image because it's impossible to use them after restore anyway. Try the following patterns for exclusions -
C:\System Volume Information\_restore{2EA787BE-51B8-4209-BEA8-22B75ABC54E}\ (with trailing slash) or
C:\System?Volume?Information\_restore{2EA787BE-51B8-4209-BEA8-22B75ABC54E}\ (spaces replaced with '?' as it may not like names with spaces...)