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Backup jobs no longer listed after un-install of another program.

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I am running Acronis True Image 2015, build 6613.  I recently upgraded to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 7 Pro.  True Image appeared to work after the upgrade to Win 10.  I understand that build 6613 is required for windows 10.  Then I installed Media Portal software, to replace the no-longer-offered Windows Media Center.  I saw that Media portal installed SQL lite and many other files. Medial Portal kept crashing, so I un-installed all of it. 


Now, in TI, none of my previous backups are listed on the left.  It is as if I had never created a backup. The actual backup files are still there.  I browsed to a .tib file and went thru the process to Add a backup.  I got no error message but no backups were added to the list.


Does TI use SQL lite and did I hose TI by un-installing SQL lite?  Are there some easy steps I can do to get TI running again?


I am thinking about re-installed but thought I would post here first.  I have the executable for installation.  I have the license key, but will the system say I have used up all of my licenses already?


I saw a related post “My backups disappeared and I cannot seem to Add them back” 11/30/19 and can do what is suggested there but though I would inquire here in case this SQL issue is non-recoverable.  Thanks in advance.

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Stuart, welcome to these public User Forums.

ATI does use SQLite databases to track backup activity and files.

I would recommend trying a Repair Install or else to delete / force the database to be rebuilt as described in KB 60915: Acronis True Image: repairing program settings - which has all the steps that need to be followed.