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Backup Progress Status or Progress Bar

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I have now Acronis 2012 and I did my backup of my partition, actually an image of my HD.
My question is: where is the progress bar? How I will know how my backup is doing and how long it will take? I did a backup, a file of 230 GB was created and it took about three hours to do it on an external HD. And I knew it finish because the HD stop making noises. But I never saw any indication about the progress of the task.
Is this normal in this version or I am missing something. I really like more the version 10 in this regard.

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welcome to these public User Forums.

It has been many years since I last used ATI 2012 so I cannot answer your question about a progress bar.

I can only recommend using the ATI 2012 Operations Menu to view the log for your backup task and check that this shows that the task completed successfully.

See the ATI 2012 User Guide: Viewing log