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Backup via webDAV to

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I recently received a account with 50GB. This seemed like the perfect place to make a online backup for some of my files.

I've managed to link my account via webDAV. However when I select my files in True Image Home, it only shows me my active HDD's and doesn't show the webDAV folder.

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I'm also trying the same. I managed to map a network drive via webDAV to Box on which I can copy files. 

I also see this network drive in Acronis True Image but I have to connect to it using my credentials and this does not work. I'm sure I'm using the correct credentials but Acronis True Image always fails on trying to connect. Any known issue here ?


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Hello Frederik ,

as far as I know such scenario is not supported officially and likely hasn't been tested. If you have a latest version of Acronis True Image (you may also consider a free trial), I'd recommend raising a support ticket, so that our engineers can check.