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Backups not recognized after renaming of NAS

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I had a series of full+differential backups on my NAS in my home network. I have renamed the NAS but not changed the IP-adress. Now ATIH 2014 Premium (and probably also other versions on other computers) won't work any more with these backups, even after changing the path to the backups.

How can I make this series of backups work as before?

Is there a way to define the path to the backup in the NAS only by its IP-adress?

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Franz, there are several options that you can try here, some of which are described in the referenced KB documents below:

KB 58004: Acronis True Image 2016: Troubleshooting Issues Related to NAS Credentials

KB 58000: Acronis True Image 2016: Troubleshooting Issues with NAS Devices

KB 57992: Acronis True Image: NAS Is Not Detected

The above documents should still be valid for your older ATI 2014 application.

What you should also be able to try is to use the option to Add existing backup files for the files on your NAS.

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Hi Steve, thanks for the suggestions. There is no problem finding the renamed NAS for ATI.

Adding existing backup files was also what appeared to me a solution. I added the full and all the diff backups through the panel. Thereafter the backup only finds the full backup, when starting file restore. When starting the backup, it produces a very small file (601 kB) within less than a minute, which definitely is not a reasonably diff backup file.

I think before wasting hours of time trying to fix the problem I will just clone the backup, make a new directory and start a new backup series. I have backed up the dysfunctional backup files from NAS to a harddisk, from where I can restore them with a bootable CD or USB-stick in case I need them before the new backups are ready.