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Boot medium - no access to internal drive for a backup; available to clone it, copy files

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Got an HP Small Form Factor on my desk, and solving problems forces an image before.

Booting from a boot medium (boot stick), made directly from TrueImage 2014 interface under Win10 1809 Home, internal drive is not available as source to be saved.

It appears to back up files, it is in list for a cloning - but especially not to save an image of it.

What's wrong here? What do I need to boot (via USB) and backup a drive as I did so often by booting from CD?


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Markus, more information about your HP Small Form Factor computer and what type of internal drive is installed in this?

ATI 2014 is not officially supported for use with Windows 10 (but is known to work), however the issue here may relate more to the type of Acronis USB Rescue Media being used, which I would guess is using a Linux kernel.  This older rescue media does not have support for some newer types of internal disk drives, in particular, NVMe M.2 or PCIe drives.

The normal recommendation would be to create the alternative Windows PE version of the Rescue Media, but this is a more complex process with older versions of ATI such as your 2014 version.

ATI 2018 & 2019 now default to trying to create WinPE Rescue Media where possible by using the Windows Recovery Environment from Windows 10, but this option is not available for earlier ATI versions.