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Bootable Flash Drive Problems

Thread needs solution
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I have a flash drive with all my troubleshooting and disk utilities on it.  I am using syslinux to give me a boot menu and then I can choose what utility I need.  I had no problems with Acronis True Image 11 - I copied the kernel.dat and ramdisk.dat files over and they worked great.  With Acronis True Image 2009 when I copy the files from program files\common files\acronis\trueimagehome as it says to do in the knowledge base the program will run but it always says it is the trial version.  I tried making a bootable cd and taking the files from that and I get the same thing even though when I boot with the cd it works fine.  Any ideas?

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Nevermind.  I dowloaded the latest bootable media from Acronis and used isobuster to extract kernel.dat and ramdisk.dat.  Using those it seems to work just fine.

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Where did you download the latest bootable media from, pls?

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You can download the latest ISO from your Aconis account. It's in the same place where you download TI, only on the Bootable Media tab.

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Thanks MudCrab.

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Sorry, MudCrab, but I can only download the executable file, don't have access to the bootable one, is there something I should do to get it?

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For the English version it's there. Don't know about other languages though.

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The Bootable Media tab isn't there!


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Hello all,

I understand the question and will do everything possible from my side to solve the issue.

You can download bootable media from your account starting from Acronis True Image Home 2009. Mario and William I have sent you ISO images of Acronis bootable based on ISOLinux loader via PM. ISO image has better hardware support and will certainly solve the issues with booting or recognizing the hard drives.

You can find more information on how to burn an ISO image to a CD at:

Let me know if you need further assistance.

Thank you.

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I just checked my Acronis account, and my bootable CD ISO D/Ls start at ATI ver #10.
(Several versions back.)