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BSOD STOP 0x00000019 (BAD_POOL_HEADER) after Acronis True Image Restore of Windows C: SATA Drive - Workaround Solution

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BSOD STOP 0x00000019 (BAD_POOL_HEADER) after Acronis True Image 11 Restore of Windows C: SATA Drive

Backup Windows C: drive using Acronis True Image 11 using standalone boot CD
Restore Windows C: drive using TI 11 to brand new SATA drive
Boot Windows XP using new drive



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Here is the fix and it works brilliantly: I found it on

1. Go to windows Device Manager
2. Click "view" and select "show hidden devices"
3. Scroll down to "storage volumes"
4. Click on the plus to expand.
5. Click on each one listed and right click and uninstall. (you will get a message on some staying to reboot before it takes effect. Select no until you do them all.)
6. Reboot.
7. Wait till windows automatically reinstalls devices. Will prompt to reboot again.
8 Reboot.
Now it should work.

The problem was they got corrupted using DiscWizard and Acronis (which is the DiscWizard engine). There are other explaination at that site, but the above works WITHOUT A REINSTALL OF WINDOWS OS!!!!

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