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Can this be done?

Thread needs solution
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I want to schedule a backup task to run every 3 days but I cant see how to do this. There are only options for daily, weekly and upon event. This was possible to do in the previous version. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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An alternate possibiity is: Use the weekly choice and hightlight the two different days such as Monday and Thursday.


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That suggestion wouldn't back up every 3 days but 3 then 2 days which isn't the same as every 3 days

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Then use the Windows Task Scheduler to run the task. It can handle an every 3 day situation.

Use TI to create a desktop shortcut task and then use the Window Scheduler to run the task.

It might help if we knew which Windows version and which version of TrueImage is being discussed.

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How does Windows Task Scheduler work with TI? Will the TI task only run with Windows Task Scheduler or will it still run in TI?

Can you give instrusctions on how to use Windows Task Scheduler. Many thanks. It seens odd that TI have removed the option to back up every x number of days in the new version

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Many have suggested that the scheduing funcation be removed from TI completely and let the scheduler provided by the OS do the scheduling. Who knows?

Anyway, no instructions can be provided without knowing which Windows version and which version of TrueImageHome.

You can find some generic information about desktop shortcuts can be found by reviewing the 7-J listing inside my signature index below.

The function of the Windows scheduler is simply to knock on the door of TrueImage and tell it its time to go to work and includes the identification of task TrueImage must complete.

An overview is to set up a non-scheduled task inside TrueImage to perform the designated task. As usual, TrueImage will assign a task/script ID to this function. You must take the script number and include it inside the windows scheduler so it will run at a time of your choosing.

Versin 2011 has an option (when creating or editing the task) to create such a shortcut identifier and it the info from the shortcut which must be included in the Windows Scheduler.

Addendum: One requirement of the Windows scheduler is that you have a password associated with your computer login. If you are one of those individual which do not use a password, you will need to begin using a password but there are easy workarounds which enable you to have and use a password but not be asked for it every login.…

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Thanks for the reply. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate and TI 2011. I look forward to hearing in more detail how to schedule the task in windows. Many thanks

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I do not have Windows-7 so I am unable to provide specific instructions so you will have to do some research on your own. I can give you some general instructions using XP Pro as the guide.

1. Create a new TrueImage task to perform your backups. Use the "do not schedule" option. Include whatever other options you wish such as validation, etc.
2. As per the attached illustration, create a new desktop shortcut.
This is shown as the first picture below.
3. Right click on the new desktop shortcut and choose Properties
a. copy the contents of the target window into your clipboard
This is shown in the 2nd picture below.

(Note: the contents will look something like this and it is all one line--no breaks. but use your path and your script number.)
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Acronis\TrueImageHome\TrueImageHomeNotify.exe" /script:2D4002DC-E809-43B9-A5CF-F9250B0F8C13

(Update: if using version 2011, using HomeNofify has been replaced by TrueImageLauncher. Check link at bottom of this posting.)

b. Open Notepad and paste the clipboard contents into notepad so you can see the path being used for these instructions. The only purpose of Notepad is to give you visual information. Note your path informmation to the exe file.

4. Start your Windows-7 Scheduled Task options (probably from within the Control Panel) and create or add Scheduled Task. This is illustrated below.

The pictures below from XP Pro show what has to occur but it will look different in Windows-7.

Each picture can be enlarged by clicking on the picture.

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Image 4


Image 5


Image 6


Image 7


Image 8


Image 9


If using version 2011, the info about image 9 has been updated. Check new updated informtion at bottom of this posting.

Image 10


Important Dec 29, 3010
Version 2011 handles shortcuts differently than prior versions. It uses a special program (TrueImageLauncher) to launch shortcuts and these shortcuts act the same as if run from inside the program. Check this link for more info about suing the launcher.

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Many thanks for your very clear instructions, I'll give this a go. Hopefully windows 7 will be similar. One further question relating to windows scheduled tasks, What happens if the computer is sleeping or off when the task is set to run?

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There is an option within the Windows scheduled tasks whereby you can checkmark to wake the compute from slumber. The last picture in my illustrations has some tabs which has options available to the user.

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Scheduled task has been set up and manually run from windows scheduler to check it works. I am still waiting to see if it will run when scheduled, tomorrow. Hopefully all will be OK. Once again many thanks for your help with this