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Can I backup without a .tib?

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I'd like to backup files from a laptop to a NAS, either through a network share or FTP. However, from what I've seen in the trial, the backups are .tib files. How do I make it just backup the files so that I can access each file on the server? I know I can make a secondary backup location and do flat files, but that doesn't give me an FTP option, and I wouldn't know what to do with the primary location.


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You should be able to Explore the tib files but that's not what you asked. I don't use TI for data file backup. I use SyncBackSE because I don't want my files stuffed into a proprietary container file (tib file in TI's case). There are other programs such as Karens Replicator, etc or you can just copy the files with Windows Explorer or setup FTP.