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Can I safely stop a cloning process before it completes?

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I'm trying to clone nearly 1tb of data to a new SSD. I have the SSD connected externally with a USB 3 connection. I set it to clone last night and left it. 12 hours later I have a blank screen, the mouse pointer still works and the new SSD is flashing as if It's still cloning.

Can I stop the process safely and try another day because I need to use the PC for work?


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John, welcome to these public User Forums.

I would not normally recommend stopping an active clone process but if you need your PC for your work then I guess there is not a whole lot of different options open to you.

If you need further help when you decide to try the clone again, then please share more information per the following questions:

What type of PC is this?  Is it a desktop / tower PC or is it a laptop / notebook PC?

What version & build of Acronis True Image are you using?
This is shown on the Account page in the ATI GUI, i.e. ATI 2020 #25700 .

How does your PC boot from the BIOS into Windows?
Run the command: msinfo32 in Windows and look for the BIOS mode value in the right panel of the report it produces.  Does this show UEFI or does it show Legacy (or a disk drive make)?

What version of Windows is being used?  Is this Windows 10?

How did you perform the disk clone?
Was this from Windows using the ATI GUI application?
Was it from the Acronis Rescue Media used to boot the PC?

What type of SSD are you cloning to?
Is it a SATA SSD (the same type as your source drive being cloned from)?
Is it a NVMe M.2 SSD?

What drive are you cloning from?