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Can not see drives on which to restore when using ATI ver 11. The only drive seen is the with the backup.

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I have several versions of your program, including ATI home Version 11. I have experienced this problem several times when restoring. All goes fine until I get to the part of the restore process where I have to choose a drive to restore to. I can't see the available drives. The only drive seen is the one I am restoring from and I get the error message. Is some special formatting necessary? The drives have all been formatted in Windows 7 and can be seen in windows 7 but not in during the restore process. I tried " adding a drive" tool  available during the restore process but can't add anything. Yes I could use a later version of your program which I have already  purchased, but have still have version11 on the subject computer. Took the computer in to my local repair shop and two techs could not figure it out and want me to use a different backup    program. The one time in the past  I did get the drive to show up ,  I believe it had something to do with formatting. Please help

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James, welcome to these public User Forums.

ATI 11 is very old at over 12 years since it was released and there have been significant changes in computer hardware in that period.

I would suspect that the issue you are reporting is more to do with the type of disk drive installed rather than the drive format.

The ATI 11 User Guide shows that this version did not support Windows 7.

1.3.2 Supported operating systems
•  Windows® 2000 Professional SP 4
•  Windows XP SP 2
•  Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
•  Windows Vista (all editions)

1.3.3 Supported file systems
•  FAT16/32
•  Ext2/Ext3
•  ReiserFS
•  Linux SWAP

It also does not have any support for UEFI / GPT BIOS systems / drives.

KB 6533: Acronis True Image: Dynamic Disks and Disks with GUID Partition Tables (GPT) Support