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Can a TI 2014 bootable CD be converted to a bootablr USB?

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I've been using True Image 2014 for years now on a bootable CD, but I now need a USB version. I have tried a number of these USB bootable drive programs and they ll failed. The PC doesn't see the drive as bootable.

I don't have the program installed anymore since I wiped and re-loaded Win7 a couple of years ago and I don't see why I need it anyway since the image process takes place outside of the active drive anyways.

Or is it 2014 isn't bootable from a USB drive?

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B H, you should be able convert your ATI 2014 ISO image to create a bootable USB with the same by using a tool such as Rufus or ISOtoUSB.

One important point here is that the USB stick should be fairly small in terms of modern sizes - you can use as little as 1GB but no more than 32GB with 2GB being the recommended size.  My own USB sticks tend to be 16GB size (showing as around 14GB in Windows) which work fine.

See KB 58108: Acronis products: using USB sticks with more than 32GB capacity - which may be the reason why you've had no luck if your USB media has been larger size.