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Can True Image 2009 completely remove a partition from a bootable recovery CD?

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I've installed Windows 7 RTM on a new PC and I've now learned that I may have to remove it before I can install the Windows 7 UPGRADE version on that PC.  I was misled into believing that I could simply use the license key from my Upgrade version of Windows 7 to authorize the pre-existing RTM copy of Windows 7.  Since this may not be the case I may have to remove the existing partition on the hard drive to get the upgrade version to install so I'm in need of something that I can boot from a CD and remove that existing partitition.  Let me know if TI Home 2009 has that functionality.  Thanks.

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The TI2009 recovery CD has Acronis Drive Cleanser on it which should work.

I'm not sure why a regular format wouldn't work but you could also boot up any Windows Installation disk and repartition the drive.

You could also restore a TI image to the partition and then kill it before it finishes which would leave unallocated space.