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Cannot access Acronis Secure Zone at boot with F11

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I recently built a new system using an SSD as the OS drive. Once I had a stable baseline established with Win7Pro64, all necessary drivers, MS patches and nothing else, I installed Acronis Home 2012 without issue. I used it to create the Secure Zone on the SSD and then created a backup of the current baseline into the SZ. In an effort to validate the backup is correct and that I'm familiar with the actual restoration process, I'm attempting to boot into the SZ via the F11 key, however, not only does the prompt >not< show during boot, pressing the F11 key after post has no effect either.

I'm using an ASUS Maximus V Formula (UEFI compliant) board with a Logitech G510 keyboard and I can get into the BIOS, no problem. However, even without the prompt, I'm tapping away on the F11 in an attempt to get into the SZ, without success. I've asked on the ASUS/ROG forums about any hinderences or delays between POST and getting into MBR/Recovery functions and they've come back with no issues, no dramas from a hardware perspective.

Therefore, any assistance with enabling your product and validating the original backup would be appreciated.


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The Secure Zone is not a bootable recovery environment. It is a location to store a backup in. Open Acronis on your system and go to the Tools and Utilites tab, then select Acronis Startup Recovery Manager. Enable this to allow the F11 boot time recovery environment. After restarting, the F11 prompt to enter the Recovery environment should work, and you should then be able to see the backups in your Secure Zone and validate.

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I have activated the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager but still didn't get the F11 prompt on startup