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Cannot open backup archive on the specified device:Either there is no archive on it or the archive is corrupted

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Running Windows 7 64 bit with latest TI 2010 build 5,005.

The problem I am getting is that TI keeps putting my backups onto a different drvie/directory to the one specified in the job. I set the job to verify the backup afterwards which is the point the error message above occus. At this point I copy the backup image from the incorrect location to the correct location and retry the operation which now works successfully.

Subsequent runs of the same job work ok, in that they target the correct drive/directory but the first run of a job aways fails as above. The logs say its writing to drive X:(my external USB) but puts it on drive F: under a different directory! All very odd.

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Hello Mick,

I understand the issue and will give you full explanation of the issue you experience.

First of all please make sure that you are using the latest build of the program. Check it in Help -> About. You can always download the latest build of the program from your account under Registered Products.

The thing is that the program changes drive letter to default in case external device is not attached to the computer at the moment the task should be executed. In order to solve it you should check box “run only when device is attached”. You will see this box in schedule task window when external device will be attached.