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Cannot restore image to VIrtual PC or VirtualBox, get Dynamic Disks not supported message

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I believe this should be possible, but I cannot get it to work. I have a backup of a Win7 32 bit drive and I want to restore this to either Virtual PC or VirtualBox. When I use the Acronis boot CD it starts to boot but then it displays a message that says "Dynamic disks are not supported". The VHD file I created is a fixed disk and my physical drives are of type "basic". I don't see where I have a dynamic also. Also, the True Image 2012 add on pack says it supports dynamic disks. What am I doing wrong? I get the same message with VirtualBox or MS Virtual PC.

I have True Image Home 2012 with the add on.


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If the image is already in VHD format, you only need to add the VHD to VirtualBox via the VHD - to VirtualBox convert command which sets up the VDMK files.

To Windows and Linux the VHD format look like a dynamic disk in style event hough it really isn't. Again if the image is in VHD format then Virtual PC should eb able to attach it - this is what I've done with an XP and W7 in VirtualPC and with W7 in Vbox.