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Cannot update or uninstall Acronis True image 2012 new version

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Hi Acronis customer service!

For another desktop, I upgraded the new version of Acrnois True Image. During the upgrade, there was an error, and the computer cannot upgrade this software. After that, when I click the icone of Acronis True Imade on desktop, it was a notice " Acronis True Image is not installed". Moreover, I could not uninstall or repair this software.

Could you help me to solve this problem? I attached the Save error Log for you. I am so crazy about this problem.

Thank you very much

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My Yen Van,

Are you able to install the previous build?

Do you have other Acronis products on your system?

Did you download the installer file or use the auto update? If you tried to update using the autoupdate feature, download the actual installer file from your account.

You might need to download the Acronis 2012 cleaner utility, this will wipe out all your other Acronis products as well if installed, but should allow you to then install 2012.

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i Have exactly the same problem.
How to download the Acronis 2012 cleaner utility ?

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Great !
Now everithing it's ok
Thank You