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Can't boot after clone attempt

Thread needs solution
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I bought an SSD and wanted to clone my HDD to it. It came with Acronis 2014. I setup the clone and then the system said it needed to restart. The clone never happened. The system was unable to boot after the restart.

I cannot reboot from the source disk. I cannot initiate a recovery, using the recovery partition. When I put this disk in another computer, I can see all of my files and partitions.

It appears that Acronis messed up my boot sector.

Any suggestions?

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Wow True Image 2014 is quite old! You may want to see if the manufacturer has an updated version on their website. 

Yes, your bootloader is probably borked now and you'll likely need to use a Windows installer disc and attempt a Windows repair.

Clone should only be done after a backup (as a safety net to recover from) and from rescue media, not from Windows.

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Steve, welcome to these public User Forums.

Sorry to read of your issue after attempting to clone, this is exactly why forum topic: [IMPORTANT] CLONING - How NOT to do this - was written a few years ago!

The issue with doing a clone from within Windows is that it does modify the Windows boot files (BCD) in order to launch a temporary Linux based environment and if this is not cleaned up correctly then you are left in the situation you find yourself.

If you are able to get to the BIOS boot override options, i.e. Esc/F2 on HP, F12 on Dell etc, then you can see if you are able to select any other option.

If that isn't an option or doesn't work, then try booting 2 or 3 times and see if Windows will offer you any repair options.

Again, if no good, then you will need a Windows install or recovery disc / USB stick from which to launch the Windows Recovery options and do a Startup Repair, or else get to a Windows Command prompt window.

See webpage: How to Repair Windows Bootloader Problems (If Your Computer Won’t Start)

and webpage: How to Rebuild the BCD in Windows