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Can't change registered email address

Thread needs solution
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I tried to log in to the Acronis website in order to get support with a problem I was getting whenever I opened my copy of Trueimage 2014. I couldn't remember my password so I clicked "forgot my password". I didn't get a reset email so I selected "create new account" and I then created a new account. 

In the meantime I eventually managed to open my copy of Trueimage 2014 and noticed that it was displaying an old, now non-existent email address at the top right of the screen, so I clicked on the email address and selected My Account. 

That opened my browser and opened my account page. I then selected Profile in the menu at the left of the screen, and next to where it was displaying my old, now non-existent email address, I selected "Change" and typed in my current email address. 

I then got a message "This email address has already been taken". But it has been taken by me!!! It is MY email address!!!! So how can I get MY email address assigned to MY copy of Trueimage?


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Hello Dave,

sorry for the delayed response! I'm afraid only Acronis support can correct the information in your accounts. Please open a support ticket as follows