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Can't get past the UEFI loader screen

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I am trying to launch Acronis on an ASUS Zenbook Duo. When I choose to boot from the USB Drive with Acronis, it takes me to the screen where I have to choose 1. launch acronis, 2. system report, or c. continue boot

I press 1, then it tries to load, but I get the following message.

Video mode setup error: Error 0x1480006:
The video framebuffer parameters are invalid.
function: SelectBestMode
$module: bootwiz_efia64_51
Kernal console may work incorrectly
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Brandon, what version and type of rescue media are you using here?

For the ATI 2018 & later version rescue media, there are 3 different versions available:
Simple:  created based on your Windows Recovery Environment for WinPE media.
Advanced: created based on Windows ADK (or AIK for earlier OS versions) - WinPE media.
Advanced: created based on a small Linux distro OS (BusyBox) or created from the .ISO CD image download from your Acronis Account page.

Older versions of ATI mainly used Linux based media though it was possible to create WinPE media using add-ons.

Does your ASUS have more than one video adapter? 

See forum topics below for known issues:

Topic: invalid video framebuffer parameters

Topic: Video mode setup error: Error 0x1480006 - HP ProBook 450 G4