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Clone error 10 True Image HD2014

Thread needs solution
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Trying to clone my Crucial SSD c: drive and getting error 10 which means there is an error on my SSD and suggests using chkdsk. BUT, the software from Crucial says the drive is fine, SMART, short and long tests. What can I do?

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Posts: 8
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With no help from the Acronis folks I downloaded a free version of Macrium Reflect and the clone process worked flawlessly.

So, I paid for True Image, the program failed and I got no support and a free program works flawlessly.  What's wrong with this?

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Bob, did you actually pay for a copy of Acronis True Image, or did you recieve this free along with your Crucial SSD drive purchase?  If the latter, then this is an OEM version of ATI and is supported directly by the provider, i.e. Crucial (not Acronis).

The key point with your topic here is that you found a solution by using a free copy of Macrium Reflect, and it is possible that as the Macrium software is a 2019 product, it has better error handling options for the MFT bitmap error being reported by the HD ATI 2014 application which was produced when SSD drives were very new.