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Clone OS Partition to SSD ( Crucial MX500 )

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My laptop has 1TB HDD and recently I have purchased another 500GB Crucial MX500 2.5' SSD. As Crucial provides the cloning functionality, I have some doubts with respect to the process as the source drive is larger than destination drive. Currently I am not using all the space. Only about ~400 GB is being used within my source drive. 

Cloning shows It clones the entire HDD to SSD. So how should I go ahead? I have attached some screenshots of my drives for reference.

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Rajiv, welcome to these public User Forums.

See KB 2201: Support for OEM Versions of Acronis Products which applies to all OEM versions of ATI supplied with hardware purchases.

Are you intending to replace your 1TB HDD with the new 500GB SSD or do you have a laptop that can host both of these drives?

It is recommended that any SSD drives should have around 20% free space available on the drive in order to see the best performance.

Depending on how Windows was installed on your laptop, there are likely to be multiple partitions that would need to be migrated from the HDD to the new SSD, i.e. if this is a UEFI laptop, then the EFI System Partition, Microsoft System Reserved, C: and Windows RE recovery partitions should all be migrated if you want the SSD to operate correctly.

I would recommend using Backup & Recovery if you want to try to be more selective on what is migrated, but to make a Full disk backup before taking any other actions, doing this provides you with a safety net in case of issues arising, errors etc.