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Cloning on Acronis True Image Home locks up and doesn't work

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Cloning doesn't work.

I'm using Acronis True Image Home.

I do Clone Disk, then Automatic, then I choose the Source Hard Disk, hit Next.

It nows asks for the Target Hard Disk.

But now it's locked up. It won't let me choose Disk 2 (which is an SSD, but working perfectly fine).

The only thing it will do is to allow me to Cancel.

I want to clone one disk to another. How do I do this? I am using WinXP.

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Hello Harry,

Thank you for using Acronis Products

Can you please clarify what is the exact title of the program and the build number? Are you trying to clone from Windows or using Acronis bootable disc?

I may recommend you to create a full drive backup and use Acronis bootable disc to restore it. This workaround will help you to resolve the issue in case it persists.