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Cloning to an External Hard drive WD Mybook

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I'm trying to Use ATI 2012 to Clone my desktops hard drive to an external WD Mybook (hard drive). Having only had previous experience cloning one internal drive to another (internal drive) using ATI 10 with no problems. I have the following questions.
1. Is it possible to Clone to an external hard drive such as a (WD Mybook)?
2. If so will the drive be boot able?
3. Are their instructions available

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This KB link from Acronis on How to clone a laptop but still very applicable to a desktop.
Following these instructions is your best chance for a bootable replacement.

If you use your method cloning to an external source, afterwards, the WD will not boot when kept in the external disk. If you remove and place the cloned disk into the desktop, it may or may not be bootable.

My suggestion would be to following the instructions as referenced by this link.

2931: Cloning Laptop Hard Disk

Have you considered creating a disk option backup and then doing a disk option restore? This is a safer approach to your suggested cloning option.