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Communication in Dutch

Thread needs solution
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I have a problem with Acronis True Image Home 11 and wants to discuss about that in Dutch, for in English is difficult for me.

The problem is that after a backup to an external harddisk, a message appears that the harddisk is bad. But when I controle the disk there appears the message that no problems are found.

My problem seems occured after a scheduled backuptask when that external harddisk was not active and so the backup could not be written on that disk.

Please help me to solve the problem and if possible in my own language Dutch.

Thank you very well.

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Try posting this in the Acronis True Image forum section.

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I'm afraid I don't speak Dutch, but if you want to post in Dutch, I can try and translate it into English.

You say you are using TIH 11, is this v11 or 2011?

Which build are you using?

Is this a Dutch version or the English version of TIH?

What OS are you using?

Has this only just started happening?

Have you run chkdsk/ r on both disks?

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I installed the dutch version of Acronis 2015, build 5539. This version does not work properly. for instance the Help function does not work, program crashes etc. I already installed the program twice, without any change. My question is: Can I use the latest english built of october 22? Or will the language then be changed too?
Kind Regards,

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Same issue with the Dutch version and still not fixed :(

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Joe Tucker wrote:

Same issue with the Dutch version and still not fixed :(

Hello Joe, 

if the issue affects the latest build of Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office, I'd strongly recommend raising a support ticket for investigation.