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Consolidation error question

Thread needs solution
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I have a situation where a backup from an ageing backup chain is failing consolidation. Extract from log:

The following backups have been successfully created: "\\NETWORK_PATH\backup_name_b65_s5_v1.tib"
Validate Backup Archive Location:    "\\NETWORK_PATH\backup_name_b65_s5_v1.tib"  
Pending operation 3 started: 'Validate Backup Archive'.
Consolidate Backup Archive Location:    "\\NETWORK_PATH\backup_name_b65_s5_v1.tib" Destination:    "\\NETWORK_PATH\backup_name_b65_s5_v1_64B49F88-1F3C-4853-859D-EAAF5F01F961.tib"  
Consolidate Backup Archive Location:    "\\NETWORK_PATH\backup_name_b65_s5_v1.tib" Destination:    "\\NETWORK_PATH\backup_name_inc_b65_s5_v1_64B49F88-1F3C-4853-859D-EAAF5F01F961.tib"  
Failed to exclusively access backup \\NETWORK_PATH\backup_name_b60_s4_v1-2.tib during consolidation. Make sure the backup file is not opened in other applications.
Error occurred while opening the file.
The network path was not found

So chains <=59 are already deleted and 61 to 65 are ok, but an incremental in 60 is causing consolidation to fail. I'd be happy to just delete the whole 60 backup chain but I know that would upset True Image.

What I do know is the network path is working because a second computer with ATI backs up to same NAS with no issues. I believe the b60_s4_v1-2.tib incremental file is corrupt or locked by an installed Norton Security product (although this doesn't seem to sit very well with me).

So would anybody know how can I remove the bad chain safely?


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Richard, what actual Acronis True Image product version are you using here for this issue?

Consolidation in all recent versions of ATI just simply means the automatic cleanup actions that are configured for the backup task creating files, whereas in earlier versions it had a different meaning of merging files together.

I would suggest accessing the files on your NAS directly either by using the option for your ATI task to 'Open location' or by navigating to the NAS location in Explorer, then attempting to manually delete the problem version chain files for the b60 chain.  After doing this, you should run a validation for the task that created the deleted files.

If you have an issue doing this from the computer that created the files, then try from your second computer, assuming you can access the folder on the NAS from that computer.