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Daily "Too Many Activations" hell

Thread needs solution
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I'm using Acronis 2012 for 3 computers on Windows XP, perpetual license. Only using it on 2 computers, mine and my wife's (also XP). Last week my computer died but fortunately I have a stack of identical computers for just such an emergency...but just about all have a slight I tried to transfer the hard drive from the dead computer to see if it would work in one of the spares and found one that works perfectly (I'm on it now). Unfortunately Acronis read it as "too many activations" so I went through the routine of transferring from the former computer and rebooting. Next day "too many activations". Same routine. Day after that "too many activations". Yes, it's happening every day. Any solution?

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Marty, please see KB 22154: Acronis True Image Home 2012: Assigning Installation to Another Machine and KB 22152: Acronis True Image Home 2012: Activation

If the above doesn't help then you will need to contact Acronis Support for help.